No Deposit Poker Bonuses: Getting Free Poker Chips For Nothing

A no deposit poker bonus is essentially a bonus that you get from a poker website without really having to do anything. Some of the sites that offer them do require that you register a payment method and create an online real money account before you get the bonuses, but this is just so that they can make sure that each person only ends up using the bonus feature once.


Depending on which website you play at, the size of no deposit poker bonuses will be different. Most of them are small however, numbering in the $5 to $10 range. The reason for this is that these are not intended to replace welcome bonuses, but rather are there to sweeten the pot and get you interested at playing at a particular website. The poker websites in question offer free poker chips in small amounts so that you can play with real money on the server and see what a real money poker game is like on that particular website. Then, you can later deposit money and get their real welcome bonus in most cases, having determined that the website is one that you would like to play at. No deposit poker bonuses are very lucrative for the individual player and very useful for the poker website as well.


When looking for free poker chips online, you do need to be wary. Rushing ahead and accepting any offer that is thrown your way might seem like a good way to get as much free money as possible, but in the long run it is a sure way to allow yourself to be scammed by unscrupulous online poker websites. Remember that you are dealing with an industry that is largely unregulated by government bodies and since virtually no credible private watchdog groups exist for this industry, you need to take personal responsibility to new heights in dealing with online poker websites.

Final Thoughts

Most of the no deposit poker bonuses out there are genuine offers from reputable online websites trying to get more players, but some of them are outright scams intended to get your financial and identity information. Knowing the difference between the two comes with experience and with research.

If you are interested in doing research on these types of websites, your best ally is the internet. Offline sources are not really good with commentary on websites simply because the online poker industry changes so quickly, but there are many online websites that do a lot for keeping tabs on the online poker market. Just make sure that the information you receive is accurate and up-to-date and that it comes from a credible online source in the poker industry. You need to research the sites themselves for information regarding the latest no deposit poker bonuses and free poker chips.

It may seem like difficult work, but it is the best way to get the genuine free poker chips that come with legitimate no deposit poker bonuses.

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